Your Initiation as a Millionaire (Ebook)

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The acquisition of great material riches, under a complete control and domain, based on a really powerful order and foundation that elevates above the limitations of the simple reasoning of the common man, has been, since always, a coveted goal of those who influence the existence of a way of this nature, and perceive themselves capable of carrying such endeavor. Regardless, to certain families and secret societies part of the world’s power, these low orthodox ways to obtain, not only fortune, but a great power, have been understood and taken to good ending for millenniums, from the shadows.

Now, same way that happens with other areas of knowledge, I wish to bring an important piece of these understandings to whom that, being immerse among the population, imperatively require the incorporation of the knowledge needed to elevate themselves from this primitive, hostile and unfair level under the pyramid, and maybe later climb on the terrible art of power, such essence, impregnates each word of this book.

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12 reviews for Your Initiation as a Millionaire (Ebook)

  1. Damian Schwartz

    It’s much more than I expected, after reading it many times I realize everything obeys to a well-designed plan, to activate the main points that take you to real power over your reality, I really feel stronger, it’s not a game, it can’t compare to anything I’ve read before, a thousand thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ron Weaver

    Everybody incessantly repeat that the Illuminati are evil and want to enslave humankind, reading this book validates to me that taking for granted something everybody repeat, without thinking is closed and childish, there’s a lot more to know before judging, Lorean has set a unique mark, so we all mature in our thinking in respect to this, since he’s giving us worthy pearls of knowledge we should value and take advantage of, I hope to read more about him in the future.

  3. Barbara Johnson

    Someone recommended it to me, and I couldn’t believe what the author says, now I find myself extremely intrigued and I want to know a lot more, I’ve never read something like this.

  4. Patrick Wiener

    Ever since I learned about the existence of Lorean, I felt that I needed to know more, not tomorrow, but NOW, something inside me always propelled me to this, today, I’ve gratefully read the entire book and now I get it, this is my key, it’s what I needed to direct myself to my most ambitious goals with much more strength, I don’t need to read any garbage motivational guide anymore, Thanks Lorean, I hope someday we meet along the way.

  5. John Sands

    Frankly, I say it, I love conspiracy theories, and I searched in this book for days trying to find where was the «hidden trick», the signals, summarized, «the tramp», but instead I found a great sobriety in this author, is he a sociopath? maybe, but there’s a line of very valuable knowledge here that you cannot deny, and I think that an immense amount of people can benefit from this, thanks Lorean.

  6. Bernard Fuentes

    I’m ambitious and after reading over 50 books trying to find the secrets to wealth, I have nothing to say, exept that, the strongest and truthful I’ve read is here, Lorean tells you things without worring whether you can handle it or not, I’ve challenged myself to be at the level, and I can tell you one thing, I can feel improvements in my mind and my own body like no other practice has ever achieved, I’ve managed to really put order and constant growth to my finances in only a month, much more than I’ve achieved in a year. I can only thank to Lorean for this, hoping this won’t be the only book he writes.

  7. Samuel Corallo

    Sincerely, I bought this book out of curiosity, because I wanted to know what someone that affirms to be part of the Illuminati had to say, but now that I’ve discovered what was waiting for me in this book, I cannot stop recommending it, although, you’ll need to put aside a lot of what you’ve learned in the past, because the author, as it can be expected, is merciless with any dogma, but the gains in knowledge is really strong, I don’t know if everyone is ready for something like this, but if it’s your time, you’ll grow a lot with this book, Thanks!

  8. Karen N.

    I bought this book and I read it about 5 times in a week, I read at home, at the office and during my trips, I couldn’t stop, now I’m starting with the disciplines and I feel much more focused and strong, undoubtedly, this is only the beginning. Thank you Lorean.

  9. Charle Osborn

    I thought an Illuminati would do anything but to try to wake up your mind, deprogram us from so much dogma or help us to become wealthy men, but this is all that Lorean does in this book, I can’t think any other thing but that there’re sides among them and Lorean is trying to help us. I receive this with much respect and gratitude, Lorean, we hope to hear more from you.
    Charle Osborn – Whashington DC, USA

  10. David Barbaria

    I didn’t know anything about the Illuminatis nor secret societies, but this book is powerful, I’ve never read anything this strong. I really needed something like this, something with the capacity to take me to another level, I have read dozens of books about the financial topic, but I was tired of reading the same old story over and over, this book elevates you way beyond that! it’s worth its weight in gold, many thanks Lorean, I hope you keep sharing with us.

  11. Keith London

    This is all new for me, it’s strong information and at the same time very intriguing, I hope to have what it takes to put the disciplines in practice, it’s clear that this is not for weak or mediocre minds.

  12. Tom Rothberg

    I’ve been waiting for a long time to read something like this, somehow, I feel familiarity with the topics, this author inspires me great trust and seriousness. Very grateful.

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