How to join the Illuminati?

There are more people who, more often every day, try to contact me on this website to request guidance about “How to Join the Illuminati Organization”, then, it’s important for me to leave an open answer to this question, and avoid any type of confusion that may come up about it.

Firstly, I’ve never been nor will be a bridge o link of any kind between the Illuminati Organization and no one else to the end of add or invite anyone to participate in any kind of event or meetings, either public or private ones to become part of any kind of lodge. It’s not part of my agenda nor my responsibilities and certainly not part of my interests at all.

I clarify as well, that, for someone who has reached high enough spiritual and personal levels, it’s not stupid for him to have the intention of being part of an organization where, maybe, he’ll find others in equal or higher conditions, and won’t take it as a bad thing, maybe down the road, to acquire certain social and financial power, becoming “untouchable” through such achievement. This is something very logical and coherent, since it’s not precisely intelligent for someone in these conditions to continue his life among garbage people, who will only get in his way and even affecting him from multiple aspects. I know many would claim to be in conditions to live side by side with common people for the rest of his life, in a simple and natural way, sharing with them harmonically without problems, and the great majority think that way because they’re just mediocre people who’s afraid of confronting the fact that the world is not a garden of roses, they’re afraid of facing and measuring with who they wouldn’t be able to confront and they hide with a fake mask of spirituality, but, they’re just cowards, nothing more.

Now, on the other side, there are enormous amounts of malformed people who don’t know how to do other thing than masturbate, pretending, absurdly and pathetically to “get into” any secret and powerful order to obtain fame and fortune, this kind of individuals are the immense majority and they’re really only looking for death, there’s not much to say about it.

To those who maybe have certain internal and external conditions to worthily aspire to being accepted in one of the Illuminati Orders, I only have the following to say:

1.- Generally, no Illuminati Agent will contact you out of nowhere by any means, they won’t send you an email, postal mail, Morse code or encrypted signals with intermittent lights to your bedroom so some idiot genius to decipher them, the direct and spontaneous contact takes place in extremely reduced cases, it must be about an individual who’s not absolutely unknown to the Elites and has his cross point with that other face of the world totally traced, maybe since his very birth, then, you should normally think that, who must do the calling and knock on the door, it’s you, to execute the feat, and stay under a cold neutrality, that’s the first thing you should do, in case you think you’re ready.

2.- Many are who entirely lose sight of fact that a simple verbal communication with an Illuminati Agent, would normally demand certain degree of mental liberation from the control mechanisms the masses live subjected to, this is easy to say, but, it’s something that normally, cannot be undone from day to another, there’s not possibility for any rational communication if you’re not sufficiently separated from the slavery program that almost everyone lives immerse in, all the contrary, you’ll look like a stupid child next to those individuals who may look to you, like made of a different material. The true development of genuine personality will never be possible being immerse in this limitation program. If you don’t have this kind of elements ready and for some reason managed a communication, you’re most likely to be vilely dispatched.

3.- If you want to possess this level of preparation, implement the disciplines that I describe in my book, your entire psyche will transform, just with the continued practice you’ll be able to become conscious of what I’m talking about with exact precision and not absurdly overlook it. Your quest must be essentially based on a radical individual internal preparation, not going after signals or mystical symbols around you that can lead you, like in a stupid movie. If you’re ready and execute the calling, I assure you, it’ll be known and you’ll get a response.

To finalize, I reiterate one more time, I’ll not execute, not now, not in the future and by any means, similar function to to acting as a bridge or channel, selecting members, as well as developing any kind of “recruitment” nor offering or sale of “vacancies” of any kind, assuming they could exist, to become a member of the organization known as Illuminati, or any other kind of secret or public order or group.

Lorean Russell

December 28, 2017