Lorean Russell is an author and businessman of French-Italian origin, known for his book «Your Initiation as a Millionaire» in which he reveals being part of the organization known as “Illuminati”, and with a dark and strong style, almost sociopathic, delivers a merciless guide to personal wealth creation, venturing in a process of truly strong and unique individual edification, based on concrete disciplines and practices on both, physical and mental levels as well as personal reconstruction that he ensures can be used to achieve and maintain wealth, breaking through all the barriers present for the contemporary human. Even more than that, the achievement of a personal and spiritual evolution he affirms is much more valuable than wealth, which, being a minor achievement, it can be easily obtained following his particular directives.



The acquisition of great material riches, under a complete control and domain, based on a really powerful order and foundation that elevates above the limitations of the simple reasoning of the common man, has been, since always, a coveted goal of those who influence the existence of a way of this nature, and perceive themselves capable of carrying such endeavor. Regardless, to certain families and secret societies part of the world’s power, these low orthodox ways to obtain, not only fortune, but a great power, have been understood and taken to good ending for millenniums, from the shadows.

Now, same way that happens with other areas of knowledge, I wish to bring an important piece of these understandings to whom that, being immerse among the population, imperatively require the incorporation of the knowledge needed to elevate themselves from this primitive, hostile and unfair level under the pyramid, and maybe later climb on the terrible art of power, such essence, impregnates each word of this book.

What’s The Purpose of This Book?

The coming destiny the population in general has to face, will offer challenges like never before, even the current changes pale in comparison with what’s coming. Just as it has been told to the entire world through different authority figures, a New World Order is necessary, but its implementation is causing suffering to this human cluster still ignoring too many things about how everything works.

Incorporating the knowledge of the hidden connections between the human psyche and material wealth, even between personal edification and this coveted world of wealth, in combination with the understanding of a strategy and concrete and specific disciplines that allow to truly affect this fundamental pillars, are knowledge that have been executed under great hermetism by different secret societies running the agenda of world power.

Knowledge that’s absolutely imperative to face, with real strength and transcendence, both, the present and what’s coming, possessing serious advantages that will place an individual capable of executing the disciplines, above the common population.

The rules of the game at a social and financial level will change in a way that the immense majority will be completely left out of the way, it’s starting to happen right now and unfortunately, people in general don’t know at what point is the rope closing on their neck.

This focus and specific knowledge have never been treated in any other work made of public knowledge, however, those who, for some reason have gotten close to certain groups of power, have managed to understand certain hidden maneuvers that open the doors to wealth, which is knowledge that is generally kept out of the reach when it comes to the masses.

You’ve arrived here for a very predictable reason, now your decision is simple, stay there, waiting for miracles, maybe reading essays about positive attitude or “think like a rich to be rich”, and all the series of content of the same poor level that are abundant everywhere and completely lack the necessary strength and deepness to truly affect your situation, seeing how the years go by until you’re old while the world simply pass you by, or executing right now a real action to know an essential and imperative part of this knowledge, this time, serving yourself from this other side of the coin that’s not usually shared with the public, implementing powerful disciplines, both of internal and external character, which, as I’ve already said, have been used for centuries by a small group of people, obtaining not only fortune and power, but the necessary transcendence, enough to defy the very destiny and nature.

Following these strategies assiduously, I reiterate, will gradually place you above the common population, in social, financial and personal terms.

More easily looked at, common people confront everything like a fragile branch of a tree, while you will now have a sword.

Mi delivery to the world’s public of: «Your Initiation as a Millionaire» is about putting this sword in your hands during this so dangerous turbulent time on the lower scale of the pyramid, it’s my first service to the humankind since my name and my affiliation to the Illuminati organization have become of public knowledge.



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